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Reduzierung des Luftverbrauchs um bis zu 50%

Air-Vantage™ technology by Versa-Matic®

AirVantage reduziert den  Druckluft Verbrauch von Membranpumpen. !

SAVE Energy + SAVE Compressor Cost + SAVE Operator Cost

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Sprechen Sie uns an wir haben Test Pumpen mit Air-Vantage™ technology
by Versa-Matic®

Reduces air consumption
Field testing shows up to 50% savings over conventional AODD pumps.
AirVantage Technology is available with Versa-matic ® metallic pumps with discharge line sizes 2" or greater.
Versa-matic center section upgrade kits are also available.

Adapts to process conditions
Using and advanced learning program that receives velocity feedback from an embedded sensor,
AirVantage optimizes energy consumption and automatically adapts to changes in system demand,
constantly managing energy consumption.

Powered only by compressed air
AirVantage uses a self-contained 12V power generator that converts a tiny portion of compressed air to power system electronics for managing energy.

Saves energy while maintining flow
Field trials have proven that AirVantage can maintain comparable flow capacity while reducing air consumption saving thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.

Increases productivity
By using less air to operate pumps, AirVantage allows for more compressed air capacity system-wide to run more pumps generating greating productivity and better throughput.

Reduces compressor maintenance
Air compressors with reduced demand need fewer repairs, saving customers thousands of dollars in maintenance and repair costs.

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