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3A Sanitary Pumpen

The Elima-Matic® sanitary pump has been designed to the 3A Sanitary Standards for Air or Hydraulically Driven Diaphragm Pumps for Milk and Milk Products, Number 44-01. Available in 1-1/2" and 2" sizes, sanitary pumps are available with the Versa-Sense leak detection system, which protects the product from contamination in the event of a diaphragm failure.

Elima-Matic® Sanitary Pumps:
Feature a surface finish of 32 µin (0.8 µm) or better on product contact surfaces and external surfaces
Assemble and disassemble quickly with tri-clamp connections and
wing-nut clamp bands
Include a rotating pump stand enabling a 180° rotation of pump for easy draining
Select a pump type to display the corresponding specifications and performance charts below.

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