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E1 1" Pumpe

Versa-Matic's E1 1" pump uses the Elima-Matic® air valve system to provide non-stalling, lube-free performance. The E1 1" plastic bolted pump comes in optional and standard porting models, and offers a flow rate of 0-35 gpm.

The E1 1" Pump

  • is available in either plastic or metal

  • supplies a corrosion-resistant air section

  • provides multiple porting options

  • is self-priming

  • offers center port and split manifolds on plastic bolted pumps

  • offers UL listed models on bolted metallic pumps

Select a pump type to display the corresponding specifications and performance charts below.

Bolted Metallic
| Bolted Plastic: Standard Porting | Bolted Plastic: Optional Porting


Download product information for the E1 product line
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