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Elima-Matic® Pumps

Versa-Matic® enhances the standard for pumping performance with the next generation in Elima-Matic®® technology. As the name suggests, Elima-Matic® pumps virtually eliminate pumping problems to keep your operations running smoothly. Elima-Matic® pumps are available in a variety of plastic and metal materials, such as polypropylene, acetal, aluminum, and stainless steel. Sizes range from 1/4" to 3" and specialty features are available, including clamped design, bolted design, split manifold, and side discharge.

Elima-Matic® Pumps

  • E6 1/4" Pumps

  • E8 3/8" Pumps

  • E5 1/2" Pumps

  • E7 3/4" Pumps

  • E1 1" Pumps

  • E4 1-1/2" Pumps

  • E40 1-1/2" Pump

  • E2 2" Pumps

  • E3 3" Pumps




E6 1/4" Pumps
Reduce downtime and ensure continuous, reliable pump performance.


E8 3/8" Pumps
Get big pump performance in a small package.


E5 1/2" Pumps
Transfer chemicals safely and confidently with leak-free bolted construction.


E7 3/4" Pumps
Depend on this pump line for reliable operation in a wide range of industrial applications.


E1 1" Pumps
Get non-stalling, lube-free performance with Elima-Matic®'s reliable air valve system.


E4 1-1/2" Pumps
Handle infinite variable flows up to 90% solids at a flow rate up to 72 gpm.


E40 1-1/2" Pumps
The Latest addition to the Versa-Matic pump selection


E2 2" Pumps
Eliminate stalling, icing, lubing, and blow-by in a reliable self-priming pump.


E3 3" Pumps
Get reliable pump performance in clamped or bolted models, in either plastic or metal.


V Series Classic Pumps
Get classic quality and performance from this unique pump series.

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